Select a step-by-step approach or choose an approach more adaptive to the temperment of the neighbors

Note: Household Info Sheet (PDF) in the right column is a form that can be filled in and emailed.

See the Household Info Sheet Instructions.


From here you can access any forms and guides. Feel free to modify, copy, or otherwise use any of them.

Neighborhood Plan

One of the outputs from neighborhood meetings is the Neighborhood Plan, We have two layouts and two types of media for the plan.

This particular layout is put together in a clever way. It's a bit tricky to print and assemble, but a neighborhood might be interested in this layout.

Legal-size paper is printed on two sides (or one-sided printed pages are copied onto two sided -ages). The pages are folded and stapled together in a way to produce this handy plan that all neighbors have.

The back of the plan is also useful. With the word HELP in large font, the plan can be placed in a window as a signal to others in the neighborhood.

The other layout (no image yet) is similar in the subjects, but, instead of legal-size paper, the individual subjects are printed on paper or cards that are laminated and then hooked together via a hole punched in each lanimated page. This approach is a bit easier to assemble, although the laminating step is probably best when the content of the pages is stable (i.e. not a bunch of changes).

Map Your Neighborhood

Another key output of the neighborhood planning process is data about the neighborhood. Because a neighborhood is "spatial", mapping this data to neighborhood locations is a good way to organize and display the data. For our approach, we call this "mapping your neighborhood".

The key data includes neighborhood resources and neighborhood needs. A resource could be something tangible (e.g. a chainsaw, a generator) or a skill (e.g. medical, emergency, construction).

There are a number of ways to capture and display this neighborhood data. We have printable forms, spreadsheets and text documents, and an online approach. The recommendation is to start simpe using forms to gather the data and spreadsheets or text document to record and print the data.

Our online approach is intended to create a way for keeping this information where the privacy of the neighbors is under their control. A neighborhood request will trigger a setup of an online space for individual neighborhoods.

Animals in Disaster

We worked with a local humane society to help them develop their business continuity plan for their shelter and services. This experience led to a special effort to provide instructions to deal with house pets. Note that dealing with farm animals was not part of the work, however, adapting a plan to a neighborhood with farm animals can be easily done. We've included a possible change to the outline of the neighborhood plan to integrate how to deal with pets and small household animals (e.g. fish, hampsters, snakes). We also presented a workshop for animals in disaster for a local city jurisdictions. That work created a document specific to dealing with animals in disaster.

Forms & Guides

Hosting NET Meetings

Resources to aid in hosting a meeting to plan and implement a Neighborhood Emergency Team

  • Facilitator's guide (docx)
  • Hosting first meeting (docx)
  • Meeting flyer half sheet (docx)
  • Meeting invitation (style 1) (docx)
  • Meeting invitation (style 2) (docx)
  • Meeting descriptions (docx)
  • Program materials (docx)
  • Sign-in sheet (dxlsx)


  • Contact cards (pdf)
  • Household Info Sheet (docx)
  • Household Info Sheet (pdf)
  • Household Info Sheet instructions (docx)
  • Household Info Sheet Instructions (pdf)
  • Monthly task card (pdf)
  • Monthly tasks instructions (docx)
  • Following forms and reports are used by the neighborhood captain and teams during a disaster

  • Phone Tree (docx)
  • Household Status (xlsx)
  • Injury and Treatment (xlsx)
  • Location (xlsx)
  • Neighborhood Status 1 (xlsx)
  • Neighborhood Status 2 (xlsx)
  • Resident Status (xlsx)
  • Resources and Equipment (xlsx)


  • Neighborhood Plan layout instructions (docx)
  • Neighborhood Plan v2 (xlsx)
  • Neighborhood Plan v2_1 (xlsx)

Exercise and Validation

  • Tabletop Drill (no instructions) (docx)
  • Tabletop Drill (docx)


  • Gas shutoff (gif)
  • Gas shutoff (png)
  • Neighborhood Guide-Back (jpg)
  • Neighborhood Guide-Front (jpg)
  • Neighborhood Guide-Front72dpi (gif)
  • Rumble House (pdf)
  • Rumble House (png)