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  • Neighborhood Gathering Sites
    • TBD
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The primary (1st) neighborhood gathering site is ideally located near the center of the neighborhood while the alternate (2nd) site may be best located at the end of the neighborhood. Both should provide cover (i.e. in a porch, garage, etc.). Storing a neighborhood kit outside the homes at the sites is helpful. The kits can simply contain 1) instructions, maps, and lists on a clipboard in a protective bag along with a couple writing instruments on a clipboard and 2) a roll or two of blue painter tape used to mark homes that have been searched. More about kits and specific instructions will be added to the site over time.

SE 139th Place in the Briar development

Note that each home is numbered (clockwise). This number can be easier to remember in an emergency and is included with all information specific to the homes.

9 Steps immediately following an emergency

  • Take Care of Your Loved Ones
  • Protect Your Head, Feet, and Hands
  • Check the Natural Gas or Propane at Your Home
  • Shut Off Water at the House Main
  • Post OK/Help Cards
  • Put Your Fire Extinguisher on the Sidewalk or Street Edge
  • Go to the Neighborhood Gathering Site
  • Form Teams at the Neighborhood Gathering Site
  • Return to the Neighborhood Gathering Site